Logan Bloom

Logan Bloom is a connector and intercessor who is dedicated to serving leaders. His passion is to connect leaders to realize the potential of their collective impact. Since 2007, Logan has been equipping leaders in every social sector in the spirit of Jesus. Logan has a nonprofit background and moved to Arkansas in 2013 where he now serves as part of CityChurch Network. He lives in Little Rock, AR with his wife and two children.

There is an exploding movement of business leaders who are passionate to advance the kingdom of Jesus through their work. I have been privileged to connect with many business leaders who have witnessed firsthand the power of prayer in their work. After recognizing the relative lack of prayer resources for business leaders, I spent the last three years developing a helpful framework and 50 prayers that will jumpstart any business leader! It’s my hope that resources like this will fan the flame of the miracles occurring among business leaders right now, particularly for those who feel shaken, discouraged, or even skeptical after the turmoil of the last few years. This is a great resource to share with business leaders in your circle.

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