Logan Bloom

Logan Bloom is the Founder and Director of Arkansas for Christ. His passion as a speaker, writer and mobilizer is to build thriving cultures of prayer among local churches and in society. Logan also serves with the National Day of Prayer Arkansas, Awaken The Dawn Arkansas and the CityChurch Network. He lives in Little Rock, AR with his wife and two children.


A full-time missionary since 2007 and graduate of the International House of Prayer University, Logan led a citywide movement in Kansas City to mobilize students to pray on school campuses and served as a prayer leader and musician at the International House of Prayer for 6 years. In 2013, he and his family moved to Little Rock to serve on the leadership team of PrayNow House of Prayer and strengthen the prayer movement in Arkansas. Logan founded Arkansas For Christ in 2016 as an expansion of the extraordinary opportunities to serve the prayer movement in Arkansas.

Volunteer Staff

Caleb Thomas

Caleb Thomas is a Community Development Specialist for Arkansas For Christ. As a worship leader and songwriter from central Arkansas, Caleb is passionate about unifying God’s people through worship and prayer. He has dedicated himself to demonstrate and teach worship teams how to cultivate a thriving culture of worship in spirit and truth. Caleb currently worships at New Life Church and also serves at several area churches including Bethel Little Rock.

A worship leader since 2010 Caleb has led worship in many settings including Youth Alive, Chia Alpha, and the International House Of Prayer. While attending IHOPKC, Caleb studied in both the school of ministry and the school of music while serving as a worship leader in the prayer room and Hope City. Caleb returned to Little Rock in 2015 as worship leader for PrayNow house of prayer in North Little Rock.

Partner With Us

All of the staff and their work is enabled by the generous, tax-deductible contributions of individuals, churches and businesses. Your support makes a significant difference at any amount. Visiting our donation page to learn more about the difference that your donation can make!

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