Prophetic Prayer for Arkansas in 2020

prophetic Jan 21, 2020

Denise and Paul Kroenke are a beautiful ministry couple from Kansas. In 2018, their church commissioned them to spend a year traveling to pray at all 50 state capitols. I met them when they visited Arkansas on November 9, 2018. Arkansas was the seventh state on their journey. Denise spoke a prophetic prayer over the state of Arkansas and its Capitol during her visit, as she did for each state.

On January 20, 2020, she shared another prophetic prayer for Arkansas via Facebook. With her permission, I have included this special prayer below. Please join with us in agreement with this prayer over Arkansas in 2020.

From Denise Kroenke on January 20, 2020:

Join with us today as we pray for ARKANSAS. It was the 7th state of our 50-state tour Assignment… Pray and agree with us and add your own prayers…

Holy Spirit come and lead me/us in this time of prayer and intercession, Lord thank you that you saw our obedience to go to every state in our nation, that you saw our labors of love there in Arkansas, you said if we’d GO you’d give it to us as an inheritance, and by going Lord, we declare that we want this Land of Arkansas for your KINGDOM and GLORY, You have a great people there, many there called by your name there who continue to humble themselves, walk that land, and pray, seeking your face, turning away from sin, thank you for hearing them and those of us who visit there in your Name…

Lord, we pray for your peoples there, your residents of Arkansas, believers, and unbelievers… OH GOD…Thank you for the “finished work” you’ve done on the cross, for us all, thank you, you paid it all that you’d NOT LOSE A ONE, Lord we partner with that your word, for you did NOT die in vain, HAVE EVERY SINGLE ONE… thank you for breaking down that wall of separation making a way for us to have that intimate Father/child relationship that you desired from the beginning…

Thank you Lord for the stripes upon your back by which we were and are healed, yes Lord, I lift up the sick & diseased there in Arkansas, knowing your eyes are on every one of them, you see them all, Oh God, extend your healing virtues to the peoples of Arkansas today, I speak the “HEALING” word, yes I declare your decree of healing over them… I declare physical & spiritual hearts HEALED, heart disease you’re defeated, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers all manner of sickness and disease, Lord touch them all, show forth your love to those sick & dying… Every form of trauma from the past or present “be healed, in Jesus Name… all mental illness we bring under your blood, I declare your gift over these, your gift of power, love and sound mind… let all oppression’s, depressions fall at your Name… I declare healing, deliverance, and freedom, Lord we loose every captive, every prisoner…

WE declare Salvation & peace, to all the lost sheep of Arkansas, send out your laborers Lord, send them out in and with the true knowledge of you, pour out a fresh anointing of your Holy Spirit, pour out through these vessels the good news and your Great love, have your way with all those you died for… The declare the church of Arkansas is ALIVE and well, we declare the lost are saved, the sick are being healed, demons are being cast out, yes your kingdom is coming in Arkansas even now, You’re making your Name Famous there Lord, the media cannot STOP YOU, they can’t keep YOU silent any more, they can’t stop your good news and the proclamation of this the day of your favor!!! let it be SHOUTED out everywhere that JESUS IS LORD OF ARKANSAS!!!

Lord, we lift up the Government of Arkansas starting with Governor Asa Hutchinson & LT Gov Tim Griffin… Thank you for your great love for them, God, let them hear your heart, your voice… I ask you to encounter them, let them have a specifically designed intimate encounter with you, that they would taste of your goodness and love and that you’d reveal yourself to them on a deeper level than ever before, reveal your heart to them, for who can deny your goodness, give them your counsel, your wisdom and revelation that they can rule from their office with your righteous judgments and your heart, Lord I pray that they choose Salvation & repentance, that they choose LIFE and BLESSING… Lord let the anointing that rests on the head of our Nation, our very own Mr.President Trump, let that anointing flow down and rest on these, that they’d govern their State well-pleasing to your heart, set your guardian Angels round about them, thank you for the hedge of protection around them… Yes, Lord, I pray for all the Govt Officials there, from the smallest of township officials clear up to Gov. Asa, cause I know you’re calling them to a great decision before you, I pray they choose to partner with you in all things, I ask that you visit each one of them, even in the Senate, The House of Reps, their Supreme court, even the smallest of township govt. officials, yes Lord, save them all, heal them, deliver them and fill them with your Spirit to do the work you’ve called them to… give them your counsel and wisdom and revelation… Lord, give their leaders the wisdom to drive the enemy out of our land, let the fear of the Lord be over the peoples in Govt, yes, let the fear of the Lord be greater than the fear of man, let our officials not be given to bribes, intimidation, fear, threats, Lord protect them from that, put an end to these the enemy’s plots and plans… and teach all the officials how to roll the govt onto your shoulders as it’s written, that the Government shall rest on your Shoulders, we want you as our KING, Jesus.

So we claim Arkansas as your land, for your Kingdom, our feet have stepped foot on this land, many intercessors have walked this land, and I declare your decree that every place on which our feet have tread has been given to us, Lord enlighten the eyes of our understanding and let us not lean on our own… Lord forgive them for making any unrighteous laws, change their hearts and let them restore law & justice according to your righteousness, according to your heart and let them all live for you, let them do your bidding…

Lord, your presence in their state capital bldg changes the atmosphere, it heals, it restores, it’s overthrowing false gods, demonic spirits, destroying the works of the devil, you’re more powerful than any Spirit of witchcraft or demonic spells, so I ask and declare your presence strong and mighty in that place, in their state capital in agreement with their intercessors, I pray for an outpouring of your spirit upon All flesh, every worker in their capital bldg and on its grounds, from the state officials, and their administrative assistants, the workers under them, all staff members receptionists, even cafeteria workers, and groundskeepers, security, tourist guides, oh Lord, well up within them for your kingdom and those who are not saved among them bring them to salvation and repentance and let them bring your kingdom in that place, let them be a conduit of your presence and power and change the everything with it, get your glory… Give them a strong backbone of courage, of boldness and of the fear of the Lord, make them all a bright shining light and help them to season their speech with the saltiness of your grace and love.

We declare the FIRE OF GOD in Arkansas! We Declare a JESUS movement there and a transformation.

God, we give you all the Glory today!!! JESUS, YOU ARE KING!!!

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