DREAM: Five Fruits of the Concerted Church


Along my journey of spiritual growth and limited experience walking with Jesus, there have been a series of unusual dreams that I have lately felt led to share. I have chosen to share these with minimal interpretation, but instead, focus primarily on what I observed in the dream. I share these dreams humbly in hopes that, as with all New Testament prophecy, those who read may be built up, encouraged, and comforted (1 Corinthians 14:3). As you read, seek the Lord with these points in mind.


  • Every prophetic word, dream, or interpretation must honor and submit to the authority of Scripture.
  • Be cautious and slow to jump to the interpretation of prophetic words.
  • Weigh the word carefully and do not automatically accept what you read.
  • Do not base decisions of faith or ministry solely on prophetic words.

From June 22, 2020

As the dream began, I was in the prayer room at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. I considered myself to be visiting and soon to return home to Little Rock, AR. As I sat in my chair listening to the worship, the Lord began to speak clearly to me with an audible voice. Whether the voice was internal or external I was not sure, but the voice was very clear as if it came from within me and from a giant, surround-sound source in the room. The Lord said, “I am going to use the coming days of turmoil and urgency to bring my church together in greater love for one another. These are some of the ways that working together and loving each other well will help my churches grow.”


  1. It will beautify my people with humility as they grow in understanding the leadership of Jesus and submit to one another in love.
  2. It will be the only way forward to endure the coming days of escalating turmoil and deception.
  3. It will be a distinguishing characteristic that will be attractive to unbelievers in the coming days of greater division and rage.
  4. It will multiply the effect of their efforts as they accomplish more together.
  5. It brings my people into agreement with the commands of Jesus and the model of the early church.

Each one of these points evoked a flood of thoughts and Scripture references as the Lord repeated the list three times. I immediately committed the list to memory and then woke up in the middle of the night in the presence of the Lord. I quickly wrote down the five points and then fell back asleep.


As I returned to sleep, I entered a second dream, this time appearing in the middle of an evening worship gathering of about thirty people in a home. My friend Aaron Williams was leading the worship from his guitar seated comfortably in a chair without any microphone or sound system. I had no idea the context of what I was seeing, but I immediately heard the same voice of the Lord speak the same five points again, evoking the same flood of thoughts again. The dream ended as soon as the Lord concluded the five points once through. 

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