DREAM: The Intersection of Bonnie Brae Street and Commerce Street


Along my journey of walking with Jesus, there have been a few unusual prophetic experiences that I have sought to steward with careful consideration and wise counsel. As current events continue to unfold, a number of these experiences have proven beneficial to share in hopes that, as with all New Testament prophecy, those who read may be built up, encouraged, and comforted (1 Corinthians 14:3). As you read, please keep these important administrative values in mind.

  • Every prophetic revelation, interpretation, and application must honor and submit to the authority of Scripture.
  • Take time to allow the Lord to clarify and confirm the interpretation and application. Be cautious not to jump to conclusions or make assumptions about the interpretation.
  • Weigh the word carefully and patiently. Do not automatically accept what you read, even if you want it to be true.
  • Do not base decisions solely on prophetic words.

From November 27, 2019

As the dream began, I found myself walking along an urban neighborhood street toward a street corner. Along either side of the street were nicely built houses, some of them fairly new and others over 100 years old, some were gated and others very open. As I looked, I noticed a sign with the name of the street I was walking on. The sign read, “Bonnie Brae St.” The name seemed significant, but I did not know why. My attention was then drawn to one house in particular as I walked. It was old-fashioned with a beautiful front porch. It was not until after I awoke and did some research that realized that I was looking at the Bonnie Brae house as it appeared at the start of the Azusa Street Revival. As I continued to walk in the dream, I begin to notice labels on some of the houses representing various modern, prominent prayer and missions ministries. I recognized many of the ministries represented by the houses as I passed by.


Eventually, I came to the end of Bonnie Brae Street, which ended at a corner intersection to another street. At the inside corner lot was located a beautiful, very finely built museum. It was similar to the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC, but this one was spread out over one giant floor in a u-shape so that the entrance and exit were next to each other. This museum was filled with exhibits not of Biblical artifacts, but with exhibits of Biblical revelation and Biblical truth. As I entered, I noticed an exhibit dedicated to the revelation of God in Isaiah 30. I passed another exhibit dedicated to the Sermon on the Mount. I walked through the museum without stopping at any one exhibit. As I approached the end of the museum, I noticed a particular exhibit entitled “The Doctrine of the Shedding of Innocent Blood.” There I saw Lou Engle preaching with great fervency.


As I exited the museum back at the street corner, there was a man waiting for me. I recognized the man from previous dreams in my life as a messenger angel. For what it is worth, every dream where this man has appeared to me has proven to be true and accurate. The angel began to walk with me down the adjacent street, away from Bonnie Brae Street and the museum. I noticed that this new street was called “Commerce Street,” relating to business and the economy. The angel explains to me that the people living on Commerce Street are people who have profited financially from the abortion industry. Each house was very lavish and luxurious. The angel brought me to the entrance of one particular home and motioned for me to enter while he stood outside.


As I entered the home, I spectated as a family sat down for a meal around their beautiful dining room table. In this particular home, the father was currently involved in the abortion industry and had profited greatly from abortion. In the process of the meal, each family member shared about their day. As the father shared about his day, which involved abortion, there came a thick presence of the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Everyone at the table fell silent as each of their hearts became broken over their participation in abortion. The look on their faces spoke volumes as they glanced at one another. Suddenly, without speaking, they understood what they must do. They stood up and fled from the house, leaving their meal and all of their possessions behind. I stood in the dining room stunned at what I had just witnessed.


As I exited the house, the angel stood there waiting for me. As we began walking back toward the Bible Museum, the angel explained to me that the Lord has given a window of grace, a period of time where the Holy Spirit is at work to get people out of the wicked industries on Commerce Street. The Holy Spirit is pleading with people to evacuate, and many were leaving. There was an urgency in the angel’s voice as he began to describe a coming visitation of the Lord. At the time of the visitation, the grace period would end, the visitation would delay no longer, and it would be too late to evacuate. The visitation would originate at the Bible Museum at the intersection of the two streets and flow from there down each street. Each street would experience a different outcome of the visitation depending on what side of the Bible Museum they were on. Those on Commerce Street would experience the visitation as the judgment of the Lord. Those on Bonnie Brae Street would experience the visitation as spiritual awakening and revival. The dividing line between the judgment and the revival was the Bible Museum. If you live on the wrong side of the Bible Museum, then you will experience that visitation as judgment, but if you live on the right side of the Bible Museum, then you will experience that visitation and awakening.


We arrived back at the intersection outside of the Bible Museum as the angel concluded his explanation. Then the dream suddenly ended. There were no specific dates or locations and timeframes given. Once awake, I began to research Bonnie Brae Street and eventually found the Bonnie Brae Street in Los Angeles, CA. I came across one of the earliest photos of the Bonnie Brae house, and it was the exact same house that I had noticed in my dream.

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