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How to Lead an Omega Business Cohort

What Is Omega Business?

Jesus has a business plan for the redemption of the world, and you are in it!

Business leaders are experiencing an awakening. Together, we will explore something far more significant than a value system: the thoughts and power of Jesus toward your business.

Be encouraged and refreshed with other business leaders in a shared pursuit. 

Discover the Heavenly resources available to your business.

Understand clearly how Jesus intends to use your business in his redemptive plan.

Learn how to hear and follow the voice of the Holy Spirit.

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Is Omega Business For You?

Owners & Entrepreneurs

Small, medium, or large. New or established. Omega Business is written for every shape and size.


You don't have to be the founder/owner. Omega Business often includes CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Directors, Department Heads, etc. Reap greater rewards by including more of your team. 

Young Professionals

You may not be an owner or even upper management, but you know you are called to lead. Omega Business can help jumpstart your next steps in leadership.


Learn about facilitating a group in your church, network, or bible study group.  

Addicted Learners

You may not even consider yourself a business leader, or maybe you are a Pastor interested in better engaging with the leaders in your church. You're welcome to tag along!

Logan Bloom

Meet Your Instructor

Hello! It is my privilege to be your guide through Omega Business. I am a serial entrepreneur, author, and leader-connector based in Little Rock, AR, with my wife and two children.

I have been coaching and encouraging leaders in every social sector since 2006. I like to think of my role as not simply providing all the right answers, but helping leaders begin to ask the right questions and discover the answers for themselves. This approach has turned many skeptics into enthusiasts. 

There was a time when all of this was new and somewhat overwhelming to me. I know the feeling! That is why Omega Business is broken down into Modules with easily digestible lessons and discussions. 

I want to invite you on this journey of discovering the heart and power of Jesus for your business.



Module 1

The heart and power of Jesus for your business.

1. The Greatest Pitch of Your Life

Imagine pitching your next great business idea to a group of investors. You’ve spent months compiling evidence of market potential, you’ve crafted a detailed plan that demonstrates a reasonable probability of success, and you’ve done your best to anticipate every possible question.

Now imagine pitching the same business idea face-to-face to Jesus. How would His evaluation differ? What would be His criteria? After all, Jesus has Genesis on his resume and Revelation in his market projections! Be prepared to challenge conventional thinking and learn how Jesus evaluates wealth and business.

2. Jesus' Business Proposition

Prioritizing Jesus’ purposes advances your business to a new category of impact. You become an active participant in His redemptive plan and heavenly economy. We will dive into how we move into partnership with His purposes for our business.

The Bible gives us clear, practical steps to begin to operate in heaven’s infinite economy on any scale. We will take time to unpack these steps and seek to apply them to our businesses. 

3. Three Essential Agreements

There is a difference between being a passive or active participant in Jesus’ redemptive plan. An apathetic approach earns diminishing returns, but Jesus wants us to be active partners with his eternal economy and purpose.

We will examine how Jesus promises to help us the very instant we set our heart to partner with Him. 

4. Biblical Case Studies

These dynamic examples bring our study to life. Each one is an example of how God is able to use weak and broken people to do mighty things.

Take courage because there is hope for you! 

5. Three Exclusive Resources

There are three critical resources that Jesus makes available to us in an exclusive measure. Remember that His ways are higher than ours, and His tactics don’t always align with our conventional wisdom. If you had to guess before reading on, what would you say are the three primary resources that you need to succeed?

According to the wisest man who ever lived, these three resources are a trifecta that will aid us on our journey. 

6. Taking the Next Step

Module 1 can be the start of the next chapter for you and your business. This is just the beginning of your journey of engaging the Creator of the universe and as a light to the world.

Jesus wants every business and community to experience this kind of transformation.

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Module 2

Leading with confidence in Jesus' end-time plan.

1. The Redemptive Plan

There is something greater than revival, a great awakening, or even a national renewal. The church's mission is not just bigger programs, bigger buildings, or even bigger attendance. 

Jesus intends to fully restore every consequence of sin in this world. We will understand our role in Jesus' end-time plan.

2. The Battlefield of Commerce

I don’t have to convince you that external success is no guarantee of a vibrant heart. Jesus has a proven process for producing leaders who shine like stars in the world's darkest night.

We can clearly understand this process and the elements of Jesus' leadership for the end of the age.  

3. The Crucified Life

We begin to unpack Jesus' leadership handbook in John 13-17. When our heart is free to hope in Jesus, we can relinquish control without fear. Our emotions become fortified against anxiety, depression, panic, and oppression. Jesus has peace for our hearts that delivers us from the devil’s exploits and redeems our impulses.

The stability and clarity demonstrated by these business leaders will be a miraculous testimony to the world.

4. Abounding Love

Abounding love is the most common basis, metric, and method of success found in the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles. The greatest improvement you could make to your leadership is the knowledge, discernment, and the fruit that only comes from abounding love. 

We'll unpack Jesus' three habits of abounding love. 

5. Hope Fulfilled

We all long to hear the words "Well done, good servant!" at our heavenly performance review. The average professional and business leader is finding their identity in fading performance metrics and searching for joy in fading pleasures. We can set our hope on the foundation Jesus gave to his followers and have confidence in our heavenly performance review.   

6. Taking the Next Step

With Module 2 complete, you're thinking and leading at a higher rate. You're not only growing familiar with Jesus' plan but his ways. You're growing more unshakable with each passing challenge.

You're in a season of accelerated growth, but there's an important next step in Module 3: learning to hear and follow the voice of the Holy Spirit.

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Module 3

Hearing and following the voice of the Holy Spirit.

1. Demystifying the Prophetic

The term “prophetic” means many different things to different parts of the church. Unfamiliarity and misuse have caused many to suppress the subject out of genuine caution; however, the Bible provides abundant understanding and instruction regarding common spiritual gifts and hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The truths that we delve into in Module 3 often exceed the expectations of many experienced leaders.

2. Honing Your Gifting

While the spiritual mechanics of hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit are altogether mystical and extravagant, the natural application is often simple and unassuming. The pursuit and application of prophecy can feel natural and even insignificant at times.

Each participant will be equipped to apply what they learn to confidently hear and follow the voice of the Holy Spirit.

3-5. Practicum

Perhaps the highlight of all three modules, Module 3 practicum is where leaders participate in a guided prophetic prayer for each other.

We approach these sessions with the expectation that God will speak to us. 

6. Taking the Next Step

Six weeks is hardly enough time to claim maturity in spiritual gifts, but you will be equipped with a plan for continued growth.

Everyone will arrive at week six with clear next steps from the Holy Spirit.

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What You Get

Weekly Training

Be empowered by content refined over a decade of research, fueled by prayer, and rooted in biblical insight for the generation of Jesus' return contextualized for business leaders.

Weekly Discussion Cohorts

Get to know other professionals, unpack the content further, pray together, and work out specific applications for your business with the help of your cohort.

Use Omega Business as an opportunity to grow with your team, church, or local network by facilitating your own local discussion cohort.

Community Interaction

Access our growing online community of new and former members.


Module 3 Fall 2023
Weeks of September 11- October 16

Cohort 1 (Local)

Owners, CEOs, Presidents
Beginning September 11, 2023
Live Training on Mondays at 4 PM CT (recorded)
Cohort Meetings Wednesday 12-1 PM CT (with lunch)
At Agape Church (Little Rock)

Apply via Waitlist

Cohort 2 (Virtual)

Anyone can join!
Beginning September 11, 2023
Live Training on Mondays at 4 PM CT (recorded)
Cohort Meeting Wednesdays 4-5 PM CT


Cohort 3 (Virtual)

Owners, CEOs, Presidents
Beginning September 11, 2023
Live Training on Mondays at 4 PM CT (recorded)
Cohort Meeting Fridays 10 AM CT

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Will the live trainings and cohorts be recorded? What happens if I miss? 

No worries! Recordings of the live trainings will be provided to all members.

Discussion cohorts are all about authentic interaction and are not recorded. We encourage anyone who expects to miss more than 2 weeks to reconsider enrolling when they can attend at least 4 of the 6 discussion cohort meetings.

What is the weekly time commitment?

Typically 2.5 hours including the weekly live training and discussion cohort meetings. Our most common feedback is that members wish to spend more time, not less.



Do I have to participate in each Module in order?

Omega Business is designed to be experienced progressively in order. Each Module builds on the last, and certificates of completion are provided as a prerequisite for the next Module.

We realize some people may join out of order to experience the Module with a friend or group. Please let us know, and we will work with you as long as we have space remaining.

What is your refund policy?

Any fees collected are only to cover direct costs that are committed just before the Module begins. For this reason, we are unable to issue refunds due to schedule changes or once the Module begins. 

For those with extenuating circumstances, please let us know as soon as you can and we will do our best to work with you.